Friday, August 8, 2008

And... I think I'm done.

Welp... I think these might be as final as I get. I tried to get more of a richer contrast in the image overall. Or basically... add more darks. So yeah. Who shall I do next... Ryan? Dwight? Angela? Toby? Michael Scott? We shall see who I'm inspired by :)

In other news... I'm in the process of foiling my office mate's side of the office. She's on vacation, so I decided to continue the tradition and foil her like I foiled Nick. MUAHAHAHA.

Monday, August 4, 2008


So yeah... here's the latest in my Office paintings: Jenna Fischer aka Pam Beesley

I'm not done yet, so there may be an update later with a more polished version. I'd like to get some more darks on her face as a whole. I dunno... Recent developments indicate I may have the slightest of chances of meeting her! And she is pretty much my fave so... as you can imagine I'm pretty stoked! Anyhoo... I should probably do some work here.