Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursdays are back!!!


If you didn't watch... shame on you... BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!!
Predictions for this season:

Angela is having Dwight's baby... hence the need to put on weight... and it's Dwight's because she has yet to see Andy nakie.

Toby will come back once he's healed... because his hospital bills probably depleted any savings he had.

Jan's baby... will be the deciding factor for Michael... and he will stick with Jan instead of Holly. (even though I love Holly and want her to stay forever). Who is the real father of Jan's baby? I'm skeptical about the sperm bank next to IHOP... Hunter?

Kelly will eventually get back with Ryan, but she's going to make him wait for a while. A while meaning until he proposes and wants to make babies.

Pam will finish out at Pratt... but the distance will put a strain on the relationship. Jealousy will ensue a-la Jim. Pam didn't seem to have many friends in Scranton and I don't think Jim will look forward to sharing. Maybe they will second guess the engagement... dun dun dun!

Jim will play more pranks... mostly on Dwight.

Dwight... well... I think he's going to become a father. The truth will come out and ruin Andy and Angela's "relationship"...

Angela is going to end up doing something to push Phyllis over th edge... cat's outta the bag!

And everyone else will be awesome too.

I guess we'll see in the Spring if I'm onto anything :)


Randeep Katari said...

Hey! I love your renditions of the Office characters. And I agree! Shame on anyone who didn't watch it last night! I tried my hand at a caricature of Dwight. Your predictions are pretty solid I think, for the most part - I didn't think about the Dwight and Angela spawn. Good call. I really also want Holly to stay forever, but as evidenced by last night, Michael has the intelligence akin to a doorknob. Time will tell.
Love the blog, keep posting, I love seeing new work!

samacleod said...

Wow, those are pretty good predictions. Do you think Pam's new friends will cause Jim to be jealous? This guy seems too recognizable to be just a throw away character. I bet he hits on Pam.

What did you think of them bringing back Ryan? A little forced and unbelievable, the guy headed the company and almost ruined it, they re-hire him? I thought he made a nice exit from the show, they shouldn't have brought him back.

Lindsay said...

Yeah I think that guy spells trouble. I mean Pam semi-cheated on her fiance once before... and I'm sure that will be running through Jim's mind if he sees another guy friend. He was once that guy friend...

I think its a little forced to bring Ryan back. But... Michael loves him and he was the one who got to choose as to whether to bring him back into his office again. Hell he probably did it without permission from corporate. It is Michael. He's back to being a temp... where he started. I'm just wondering what they're going to have him do. I suppose if Pam decides to stay longer at art school he'll keep on as the receptionist, but... what after that? I dunno... back to the annex with Kelly? One can only hope.

Kristafer said...

Great predictions! We'll be watching to see if they come true. . and because the office rules! :)

Tessa said...

So far we haven't been shown much.. except for problems between Jim and Pam. I wish all the episodes were an hour long!! Argh. I was really disappointed with that one episode where Pam wasn't even in it. Let's hope tomorrow's episode is good!

Kristafer said...

Did not see that transfer coming I must admit. . . I kinda feel bad for Michale.