Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Things I'm still scared of...

Do you remember any of the things you were afraid of when you were 5? Are you still afraid of any of them? I am. Here is a few of those things that I still have an irrational fear of...

1. When Ursula gets really big at the end of The Little Mermaid.

I will still skip this part on the dvd. She is scary and gross and her voice is gross. No thanks, I'll just skip to the wedding and the rainbow please.

2. Storm drains and clowns.

I saw this movie at a really young age. Actually... I saw a lot of horror films at a really young age. This movie... ruined me. I still wont walk over a grate of any kind. I'm also creeped out by any and all clowns. Thanks Pennywise.

3. Escalators

I was a morbid child who liked to watch shows and hear stories about people getting hurt. Which lead to my fascination with a show called Rescue 911. Nothing is scarier than falling down an escalator... oh... except getting your clothes caught in one. I still take extra time when escalating... and always hold the hand rail no matter how gross. But really... the jagged edges on the escalators look like they'd hurt so bad.

4. Pink Elephants on Parade

I don't know if its the creepy music... or the black eyes that creep me out the most.

5. Chuckie
and for that fact... dolls in general.

So this movie terrified me beyond belief. I literally could not watch more than 5 minutes of it. It took until this past January for me to force myself to actually sit down and watch the entire thing. And of course these dolls had a crazy resemblance to:

...which I had. And never played with because it freaked me out.

The end.

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