Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fur Ball at the Skirball '09

Alrighty... so this is that other piece of artwork that I had been talking about here on the blog. This year I was asked to design the invitations for the annual fundraiser for Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles. The design sort of ended up on everything for the event, which was weird and cool at the same time. I've never done anything like that, so it was a little nerve wracking knowing this was going to be seen by so many people. Anyhoo... I'll try to be briefer than I was last yet in my summary!

WARNING: extreme dorkness follows

Me and Kevin got to the Skirball Center at 6 when it started and went to look at all of the auction goodness... And goodness there was! Unfortunately, all of the Office stuff was grouped together in one auction (2 signed photos, signed Pam and Angela bobble
heads, signed season 3 dvd set, a coffee tumbler and probably something else I'm forgetting). There was another Office fan there who really really wanted it all, so I wasn't going to bid against her and ruin her night. Plus what I really wanted... was the necklace that Jenna wore in the wedding episode of The Office this year. That was saved for the live auction later that night and in the end... it was too ri
ch for my blood.
Getting married in the next couple years folks... gotta budget!! We did score a sweet score from ET signed by John Williams and I swooned over an amazing square blue sapphire diamond necklace that I didn't end up bidding on.

Okay so we kept going and finally came across the piece that I was auctioning off. A personalized digital portrait of whoever you wanted... and if you can believe it... someone bid on it!!! For an example to set out, I sent in a framed version of my 'Dwight' Office painting that I did a little while
ago. Then we went outside and got some drinks, it was freezing outside so we weren't out there very long before coming in and just taking a breather at the table. We sat at Jenna Fischer's table this year so we didn't have to scout out and reserve seats like last year. Here is where I met the other Office fan Kristina from last year.

We walked the auction again when Jenna Fischer and her fiance Lee got there and they not only saw, but complimented my Dwight painting... COMPLIMENTED!! Then me and Kevin went and sat back down because we were exhausted from moving Kevin and his roommates to their various new apartments, plus a little bit of tiredness from Toy Story 3 OT and flying in the night before. Eventually everyone sat at the table and the show began... I sat next to Jenna's fiance Lee who was really nice and I wish I had gotten to chat with him more, but I didn't want to be rude during the event. He asked if I did the "Office" paintings for a living... which was very sweet :). Jenna was a great host and super funny, awards were given, videos were shown, food was devoured (kudos on the salad and desert... sooo good!), and then they did the live auction of Jenna's dress she was wearing, the wedding necklace and a vacation package. There was probably more, but I forget... Afterwards Jenna came over and we chatted for a little while and I asked if she would mind taking a picture. (Big thanks to Lee for taking it!)

If you find yourself in the giving spirit this year and are looking for an organization to donate to, please consider Kitten Rescue. When no one else would, they thought that a sick, 8 year old, black and white cat and a feral kitten who had been hit by a car and had a shattered leg were worth saving and I'm forever in debt to them for that.

Jack + Squeaker
(And yes they have more than one bed... they just prefer this)


McGovernment said...

You dont know how jealous you make me with all this mingling with Pam!!! (or Jenna, but I prefer to keep the fantasy of them being real ALIVE!)

Awesome, awesome experience to read about, so happy your living such an exciting life! And yeah, we're both bouts to get marrrriiieed! WE gots ourselves fiance's!

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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squeker is a pimp good looking cat