Friday, September 21, 2007

Hong Kong... the prequel.

So, last week me and Kevin ventured to the far off land of Hong Kong. We stayed with my cousin Chris who has lived there for quite some time now. It was our first out of country experience and I'm going to post basically what we did day by day. So... without further adieu... Hong Kong.

I guess I should start with a prequel to what happened before leaving Hong Kong. On Thursday night me and Kevin flew up to San Francisco and hopped on a BART train to Oakland. Jon picked us up and we took Kevin to the hotel to sleep while I went and surprised everyone at poker night. It was a lot of fun, I didn't win anything as usual, but a great time none the less... I even got some old bust-a-move in! After poker night Toaster took me back to the hotel and I went to bed.

Friday morning we were off... we BARTed to the airport and went into the International Terminal. We exchanged out money and it was nice to see that the American Dollar was worth about 7 HK dollars... and their money was pretty colors! We made our way to the gate and to see if we got on the flight. Our names were called and we ended up getting business class! I asked the lady at the counter how long the flight was going to be and she said "oh about 10 hours"... oh how wrong she was. 14 hours later... we arrived in Hong Kong.

We got off the plane and went through what I guess was customs... aka... nothing. The new Hong Kong airport is amazing... HUGE! (I think it is like the 2nd largest single room in the world or something like that) Walked out and began the search for my cousin. Kevin had no idea what he looked like, and I wasn't sure what color his hair would be this time around, so I just told him to look for a white guy haha. I tried my laptop to see if Chris had emailed and left a destination that we were to meet at, but as soon as I got the laptop open Kevin nudged me and asked if a guy walking around was him... and it was. :) I haven't seen Chris in forever, but he looks the same... and I swear he never ages! So, did some introductions and we were off! We caught a Taxi back to Chris's flat back in Tin Sum Village. Tin Sum is one of the few places in Hong Kong where the buildings cannot exceed 3 stories high.

We climbed the steps to his place... where he informed us he had become Asian and shoes were to be left outside the door. Which was cool with us :). So we went in and got some good ole air conditioning. Air conditioning is an interesting thing in HK because... no one has central air... they all have these window/wall units. Incredible tall buildings... all with air con units attached to the sides of them... dripping down on all the people on the sidewalks. We relaxed and caught up for a bit and then headed out to a near by Thai place to eat. It was sooo good. Other than the hard pieces that were in the soup that you weren't supposed to eat, but I somehow managed to get one in every spoonful.

After eating we just headed back to Chris's flat because we were pretty lagged from the plane ride out. Chris graciously offered us his room and we passed out.

Then the real adventure begins...

This is us waiting for our flight in San Fran.

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