Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Humble Beginnings

So... I was going through my CDs the other day looking for a copy of some program when I ran across an old cd with my name scrawled across it. It then hit me where I got his from. It was a disk with my high school 3d work on it.

At my high school there was a random 3d studio max class. I had to take a really dumb class as a prereq. for it, but I was so excited to see what this 3d thing that I thought I wanted to do for a career was all about... and to make sure I enjoyed it before I spent the money to go to college. So our teacher pretty much had no idea how to use the software or how to animate or anything so we had books we would try to do things from and some tutorials online. I made pretty much the coolest gold fish project ever and was very proud of myself. It was after this class that I knew CG was for me. Looking back... wow... I mean... dangerous skills here haha.

This is the AWESOME fish animation I did... Yeah... those are blend shapes on his tail making him swim (if you can even see them). I was pretty much a camera animation genius. Man... so good... took all day to render this.

The class was mostly modeling and trying to make something that looked cool. Everything looked plastic and totally CG, but I think that was the point for us.

And finally here is a fireplace thing I modeled... very proud of it.


| Andrus | said...

We all start somewhere. hehehe. But look how far one can come within a handful of years. Its crazy to think about. Just imagine in 10 years from now.

samacleod said...


Guilherme Blanco said...

Excellent, it should be even so that begins! I will try to follow the same steps... heuheue

guilherme jacinto said...

hahahah i cracked up when the fish is hanging in the middle of the air for like 3 seconds.. hahaha awesome lindsay. One day I'll show you my first attempts to animation.. it's so painful to watch them.