Monday, August 27, 2007

Huntington Library

So this weekend Kevin, Gwen, Firat and I ventured over to Huntington Library in Pasadena to check out the sights there. Gwen went there once when she was little so it was a reminiscent trip for her. Good times were had by all... well... maybe not Firat who seemed to be at war with nature.

We started off by going to the Desert part of the Botanical Gardens.

We then made our way through a misc gardens until we reached the Japanese gardens. They had a lot of Bonsai trees there, disgustingly large koi, a budha, and a mock japanese house. Muy interesante!

After that we made our way up a tretcherous hill toward the rose garden of beauty... Took lots of glorious pictures of the strangely named roses... including a special one for my uncle Rex!

Right after the rose garden we tried to go into the tea house which was crazy packed so we enjoyed about 40 seconds of air conditioning before heading out into the heat and checking out the "rain forest" aviary... or whatever its called.

After that we narrowly escaped the wrath of a swarm of bees and a disgustingly large peach colored spider which disappeared 5 seconds after we ran underneath its web making barf noises in disgust there was a sculpture garden, but I'll spare you the photos as I'm sure this was more than you wanted to see anyways.

There's also great art/document galleries there too, but no pictures in there! Nice stuff... I'll definitely have to go back.

Once we were all sweaty and gross we came back and played with the monster for a little while and hit up some delish Korean BBQ... mmmm so good... so hot. Literally... I may have first degree burns on my face the grill was so close! MMMMmmmmMMMm Great Sunday!

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samacleod said...

Love Huntington Library. Pretty posh area, huh?