Sunday, July 13, 2008

Office arts.

So... I love The Office, and while I am being starved for new episodes I'm going to be doing some new paintings. I'll start off with Jim Halpert. Go easy on me... I didn't have any pressure sensitivity on the wacom I used.

I'm hoping to at least get a Pam painting done, I actually have a preliminary sketch for her, but who knows... maybe a good Dwight and of course Kelly Kapur. Who knows... it all depends on overtimes at work, boredom, and the need to actually be artistic.

Oh speaking of The Office... THE WRITERS AND RAINN WILSON WILL BE AT COMIC CON!!! I'm so there!


Bobby Pontillas said...

Haw! Thats totally Jim, nice work! I love the show too, so no Office series is complete w/o Michael! He'd be a fun one to do.

Alex Fleisig said...

oh wow
amazing painting lindsay

man... soooo good

great expression...
i love the huge white eyes

its imediately obvious who it is... as soon as i saw it


McGovernment said...

so badass....