Sunday, November 22, 2009

3.5 Months isn't that long...

...right? Okay... so it is. (mah bad Garcia)

Toy Story has been an amazing experience, but takes up most of my creative energy and time. I'm also moving on Friday back down to Foster City and bidding E-ville farewell. I have been doing some art here and there, but nothing really worthy of showing. Until tonight I guess. I had been working on this off and on and tonight I decided that I'd finish it no matter how long it took.

Here ya go: Creed Bratton. I was going to try to think up something witty to say, but he says some of the craziest crap on that show and I'm feeling self conscious and inferior. So just the painting for now!

I'll try to make the next post sooner than later. I have something else to show, but I'll wait until December for that one!


David Bernal said...

Awesome painting!!!
& Cant wait 4 TS3!!!

ronney said...